Soundtrack 'Road'

I am currently working on my first release of my own music. The soundtrack 'Road' will be available soon on all streaming platforms. I call this album a soundtrack because for me the music is very visual and transforms organically from one track to the other. It would be very suitable for a movie, even though that movie is not written (yet). It's my way to tell a story.

'Road' is a very personal record and provides instrumental tracks as well as songs. They are all original tracks apart from one cover I included that is called You and Me.


Other projects

On this page you can also read more about the projects I really love! Meet the StringLAB Project, the Re:Freshed Orchestra and Zus Enzo! You can also find the links to the original websites.

Besides the different projects I am participating in you can also always contact me if you are looking for an ensemble to play at your event, wedding or dinnerparty!

I can play or organize many different musical settings and will create a special vibe to your event. So don't hesitate to contact me.