Release Soundtrack ROAD!

From the end December my soundtrack ROAD will be released on all online music platforms:

For this soundtrack I worked with many fantastic musicians and multi-talented musical producer Alexander van Popta. My eternal gratitude goes out to:

Mara Tieles (viola) | Susanne Rosmolen (cello) | Marien Okkerse (electric cello) | Irene Gabarron (flute) | Jan Harshagen (horn) | Alexander van Popta (keys) | Budy Mokoginta (guitar/bass) | Thomas Pol (bass) | Rogier van Roosmalen (drums/percussion) and Irene Koning (vocals).

Without them, this record would have never come alive as much as it did.

Many thanks also to Dirk-Jan Visser for this amazing photo and Wies Harmeling for the design.

I will release a vinyl of the soundtrack also in a limited edition. You can do a pre-order through this link:




admin December 9, 2020 09:34 pm
Lullaby - LAKSHMI bij Rabbering Laat (Radio 2)